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Employer Testimonials

We approached Optima during our search for technical roles within the business, Kyle and the team were great in helping us shape our needs and hone in on the type of person we actually needed, rather than just what the job description had in its text.  
From the outset, Optima presented us with candidates that really did not need shortlisting by ourselves, and the shortened our process significantly.  Optima remained in contact with the candidates and us to ensure that any issues were managed, and that initial telephone interviews were conducted at pace, so we could down select.  
Helping the candidates prepare for interview by giving them the “story” of our roles, meant that interviewees were well prepared before face to face interviews, and understood not only the current task, but the direction we wanted to go in the future, which ensured our side of the process was easy to conduct. 
Post recruitment by managing candidate contact, Optima ensured we worked with candidates through to joining us, preparing them for smooth onboarding and reducing the time it took to get to know the business.
Ops Director @ AE Aerospace

I have used Optima many times in the past and will continue to use them.
They provide excellent candidates, I feel this is because they actually listen to your requirements rather than sending out just any CV , they are quick to respond to any questions, are extremely professional and approachable, and are more than happy to help with any problems you may encounter during the recruitment process.
Highly recommend.
HR Advisor @ Cobble

Grace did a superb job for Angloco when we recruited our most recent Production Engineer. From the very first conversation I had with Grace about the role she was attentive to our needs and delivered a very high calibre of candidates to review.
Once I shortlisted the candidates for interview, Grace was very efficient in her dealings with both ourselves and the candidates and was very consierate of my diary congestion in her commmunication.
Chris S, Director of Operations

We engaged Kyle to bolster our Bid Management Team with 4 new hires, with varied experience and technical skills. Despite the particularly niche requirement and brief, Kyle and the team delivered a fantastic selection of options for each of the positions. The result is far beyond my expectations. I couldn't have imagined being in the position we are right now and I'd therefore have no hesitation at all in retaining Optima again.
Alistair, Angloco

Kyle was exceptional to work with - taking the time to find us the right candidate and really helping us understand what it was we needed.
He supported us right the way through - despite what seemed like endless technical hitches and issues that arose (all outside of our control). The candidates he put forward were all very high quality and motivated.
We will be glad to work with him again.
Claire, Head of Quality

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