DIY Recruitment: A Guide to Running Effective Referral Campaigns and Utilising Your Network

With cost reduction a key theme amongst UK businesses many are turning to innovative and cost-effective methods to find the right talent. DIY recruitment, or Do-It-Yourself recruitment, is gaining popularity as businesses seek to take matters into their own hands. In this article, we will explore two powerful strategies to help companies recruit themselves: running effective referral campaigns and utilising their networks for headhunting.

Running an Effective Referral Campaign

  1. Create Awareness Within the Organisation:

To kickstart your DIY recruitment journey, it's essential to ensure that everyone within the organisation is aware of the role you are looking to fill. Hold company-wide meetings, send out emails, and utilise internal communication channels to spread the word. The more informed your team is, the more likely they are to actively participate in the referral process.

  1. Communicate the Why:

Transparency is key. Clearly communicate why the company is making this hire. Whether it's to address a specific skill gap, support a growing team, or bring in fresh perspectives, letting your employees understand the rationale behind the hire fosters a sense of shared purpose.

  1. Define the Role Clearly:

Avoid ambiguity by being crystal clear about the role you are looking to fill, and the skills required. A detailed job description will guide your team in identifying suitable candidates and referring individuals who align with the company's needs.

  1. Shared Responsibility:

Make recruitment a collective effort. Encourage all team members to actively participate in generating referrals. Create a sense of shared responsibility, emphasising that finding the right talent is a team effort.

  1. Streamlined Referral Process:

Design a clear and straightforward path for employees to submit referrals. Whether it's through an online portal, email, or a designated person within HR, make the process seamless. Additionally, ensure that those who make referrals receive timely and appreciative responses.

  1. Utilise Multimedia:

Enhance your referral campaign by creating engaging multimedia materials. Consider making a video that highlights the role, the team, and the company culture. Visual and interactive content can significantly boost interest and encourage more active participation from your colleagues.

Using Your Network for Headhunting

  1. Network Communication:

Leverage your professional network to find potential candidates. Communicate your hiring needs with colleagues, industry connections, and friends. Word of mouth remains a powerful tool in recruitment.

  1. Share Job Materials:

Provide your network with detailed job-related materials. This could include job descriptions, requirements, and any other relevant information. Make it easy for them to share these materials within their own networks.

  1. Alumni Engagement:

If your company has an alumni network—former employees who have moved on to other opportunities—tap into this valuable resource. Alumni often maintain strong ties to their previous workplace and can be excellent sources for referrals.

 In conclusion, DIY recruitment is about empowering your team and leveraging existing networks to find the best talent. By running effective referral campaigns and utilising your network for headhunting, your company can take charge of its recruitment process, saving costs and ensuring a more engaged and collaborative workplace. If these methods have been fully exhausted, then you may benefit from partnering with a strategic recruitment partner such as Optima. It is always worth bearing in mind that the business cost of not filling a vacancy can far accede that of a recruitment agency fee.

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