BMS System Engineer

BMS System Engineer
2 months notice

Unique Selling Points:

The candidate is an adept BMS system engineer with a solid background in software generation, commissioning, and system testing. Actively seeking a change, he is interested in project work and commissioning roles that offer new challenges and the opportunity for skill enhancement. Currently on a skills visa, he requires sponsorship to continue his professional journey in the UK, a country he enjoys living in.

Greatest Professional Achievement:

With Honeywell, he has demonstrated proficiency in using specialised tools such as open studio and niogro tools to upload software to controllers and ensure all devices are reachable during the commissioning stages. His experience extends to Enneffen, where he played a similar role in the commissioning team, indicating a consistent track record in BMS engineering.

Key Criteria for Next Career Move:

  • Sponsorship Requirement: Seeking a role that offers sponsorship due to his current visa situation and his preference to stay in the UK.
  • Technical Expertise and Innovation: Looking to work with new platforms, trends, and premium tools, expressing a desire to expand beyond the restrictions he currently faces.
  • Career Advancement: Ambitious about progressing to a leadership position, aspiring to become a team leader or attain a senior role in the future.

Key Technical Strengths and Specialisations:

  • Software Generation and Commissioning: Specialises in initiating software generation and ensuring effective system commissioning.
  • System Testing: Adept at comprehensive system testing, ensuring functionality and accessibility of all devices.
  • Adaptability: Versatile in adapting to new tools and technologies, emphasising a forward-thinking approach to BMS engineering.

Additional Details:

  • Salary Expectations: Currently earning £50,000 with aspirations of a salary above £50,000 going forward.
  • Work Location: Flexible between remote work and office presence, with a maximum commute tolerance of 1.5 hours from Wiltshire.
  • Notice Period: Available to start a new role with a 2-month notice period.

The candidate is well-suited for an organisation seeking a resourceful BMS engineer who is comfortable with both remote and in-person work environments and is looking for sponsorship to support his desire to innovate and advance in the UK's engineering sector.