BMS Business Development

BMS Business Development
2 months notice

Unique Selling Points:

The candidate is an experienced professional actively seeking new opportunities due to a desire for stability after experiencing multiple ownership changes within their current company. With a keen eye on the new year for a career move, they bring a wealth of experience in BMS business development with a focus on technical and technology-based sectors, particularly on an international scale.

Greatest Professional Achievement:

Expertise in BMS business development is showcased through their strategic long-term planning capability, driving growth and stability. They have proven experience with Honeywell in software, commissioning, and optimizing operations within warehouse and commercial environments through the use of handheld devices and workflow enhancement technologies.

Key Criteria for Next Career Move:

  • Stable and Supportive Work Environment: Aiming for a stable position within a supportive team and positive culture.
  • Business Development Focus: Seeking a role that prioritizes business development over sales, with an emphasis on technical or technology-based fields.
  • International Engagement: The opportunity to work remotely while traveling to meet overseas and UK-based customers and clients aligns with their extensive experience in remote working and customer relations.

Key Technical Strengths and Specialisations:

  • Strategic BMS Business Development: Specializes in crafting long-term strategies to foster business growth, particularly in technical fields within BMS.
  • Technical Expertise: Extensive experience in software management, commissioning, and operational scheduling for enhanced workflow efficiency.
  • Product and Technology Knowledge: Proficient in sensor and data software solutions, contributing to the candidate's strong background in technology-focused business development.

Additional Details:

  • Salary Expectations: Open to roles offering £75,000+
  • Work Location: Based in the London area, with a preference for remote work and the flexibility to travel for client-facing activities.
  • Notice Period: Available to start a new role with a 2-month notice period.

The candidate is well-suited for a company looking for a seasoned BMS business development professional with a strong technological background, an international outlook, and a drive for cultivating a dynamic and growth-oriented environment.