BMS Project Manager

BMS Project Manager
4 weeks
Exclusively interested in fully remote opportunities.

Unique Selling Points:

The candidate is actively seeking a fully remote role, leveraging his experience in BMS project management from sales to completion. With a strong understanding of the processes, timelines, and specific issues associated with the engineering domain, he excels in managing the engineers responsible for writing and installing equipment. His aptitude lies in liaising effectively with stakeholders to ensure project expectations are efficiently met, without the need for programming or installing software himself.

Greatest Professional Achievement:

The candidate's ability to adapt to and manage a hybrid work model demonstrates flexibility and a forward-thinking approach to modern work environments. His greatest achievement is in streamlining remote management processes, ensuring project continuity and success while fostering a collaborative and efficient remote work culture.

Key Criteria for Next Career Move:

  • Remote Working Structure: A committed shift to a fully remote role, aligning with his preference for a work model that maximises productivity and work-life balance.
  • Project Management Focus: A role that allows him to oversee projects from inception to completion, emphasising his strength in managing teams and project timelines without direct involvement in software programming or installation.
  • Contract Flexibility: Open to both permanent and contractual agreements, providing adaptability to suit the hiring organisation's needs.

Key Technical Strengths and Specialisations:

  • Management Expertise: Specialises in overseeing technical teams and ensuring project deliverables align with client expectations.
  • Industry Insight: Possesses a comprehensive understanding of the engineering process, crucial for effective team management and client communication.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Skilled in maintaining seamless communication between technical teams and clients, ensuring transparency and satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.

Additional Details:

  • Salary Expectations: Seeking a salary of £70,000+.
  • Work Location: Exclusively interested in fully remote opportunities.
  • Notice Period: Able to commence a new role with a notice period of 4 weeks.

The candidate is positioned as an ideal fit for a company valuing autonomy, efficiency, and a modern approach to project management within a remote working framework.