BMS Service Engineer/Manager

BMS Service Engineer/Manager
£41,000 +
2 Months
Top 3 Professional Priorities

  • Work-Life Balance: Seeks a role that respects personal time and promotes a healthy work-life balance
  • Training and Development: Desires a company committed to investing in training and offers a clear career path for growth
  • Career Progression: Aspires to evolve beyond engineering roles into more strategic positions such as business development, management, or supervisory roles

Career Move Criteria

  • Employee Value: A company that recognizes and appreciates its employees, understanding that recognition is key to motivation and satisfaction
  • Service Engineering Role: Specifically interested in a Service Engineer position for BMS systems, with a strong inclination towards digital energy solutions
  • Diverse Opportunities: Open to a range of roles within the BMS spectrum including installation, commissioning, business development, management, security, and service

Key Technical Strengths and Specialisations:

With an electrical engineering bias and over a year specialising in SCHNEIDER BMS systems, including control systems like Echo Structure, Continuing, and Sigma, the candidate is well-equipped to handle all service work aimed at system modifications for energy savings. A versatile engineer with a broad perspective on the potential applications of BMS systems to reduce operational costs for large corporations.

What I'm Looking For:

A forward-thinking organisation that values its employees, offers a conducive work-life balance, and is willing to invest in my professional growth. I aim to leverage my extensive experience in BMS systems to contribute to energy-saving initiatives, with a keen interest in expanding my role beyond engineering in the long term.