Operations Manager

Operations Manager
West Yorkshire
2 weeks
Why are they a good candidate?
  • Honest, analytical and bring solutions to any fast-paced environment
  • Approachable and willing to help in any situation
  • Collaborative and enjoy working with people whilst seeing them achieve in a structured approach
  • Dedicated and enjoy ensuring that my colleagues hit the highest possible results when challenged
  • Strong organisational skills utilised in an effective and efficient manner

3 Greatest career achievements:
  • Achieved ISO9001:2015 at first audit with only 1 non-conformance
  • Introduced and implemented a new risk assessment system for on-site and off-site workers
  • Implemented and trained all employees in a new Warehouse Management System using scanners to ensure order picking reliability, product location and product retrieval

Most important things about next move:
  • Work life balance
  • Professional progression/building with targeted training
  • A new fresh challenge

Key Technical Strengths:
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • A strategic approach to work
  • Strong computer skills
  • Eye for detail