Design Manager

Design Manager
Mechanical Design
1 month notice period

He's an experienced, driven and passionate Designer / Manager. He has experiences of designing & managing full design lifecycles, with products such as Bespoke Steelwork, Gym Machinery, Defence Equipment and more recently Vacuum & Pharmaceutical Handling Equipment.

He has a degree in Product Design, which he believe is an advantage in itself, due to the fact that it gives him a relatively unique perspective when problem solving. He believes that during his 8 years within the industry, he's now in a position where he's confident in providing a solution that is not only mechanically sound, but is also aesthetically pleasing. Having a Product Design perspective, allows him to look at projects differently, compared to traditional Mechanical Engineers.

He's always had a very strong desire to improve & develop. An example of this, was being promoted to Engineering Team Lead within a year of being in position. He takes the same attitude when it comes down to anything that he's tasked with, whether that be Product Development, Company Development or Employee.

Why are they a good candidate?

  • He has experience working within a range of different sectors allowing me to become a more complete Manager / Designer / Engineer.
  • He's got experience of managing the complete Project Lifecycle, from Initial Concept Sketches, Specifications & Deliverable Documentation, Project & Personnel Management, 3D Design & Development, Client Collaboration, Hand Calculations, FEA Simulation, Product Renders & Product Trials.
  • At every single one of his positions, he's been told that he's the future of the business!

3 greatest professional achievements:

  1. Promoted to Manager within a year of being in his Position.

  2. Having a large product portfolio, from Bespoke Steelwork to Pharmaceutical Equipment. 

  3. Having a pivotal experience at each company that he's worked with, from changing the way the company manages projects, thus making better, more effective use of their time, to product development. A specific example of how he's utilised new tools & techniques to make a process more streamlined, is the timekeeping system at his current role. Previously importing the department timesheets used to cost the business approx 1.5 days per department to import the information. Now that his new tool has been implemented, this now takes just under 30 mins, therefore a massive cost saving to the business!

3 most important things about next move:

  1. Hybrid / Remote working

  2. A Senior / Leadership role

  3. Working with a company that produce and interesting products.