Control Systems Engineer

Control Systems Engineer
North Yorkshire
Control Systems
£45 to £50 p/h
2 Weeks

Over 20 years cross discipline engineering experience, they have a high level of PLC and HMI programming experience. They have full project life cycle experience and have a proven record of self-motivation and knowledge achieving targets.

Why are they a good candidate? 

  • Multi-disciplinary 
  • Experience maintaining and managing projects 
  • High level siemens programmer 
  • Experienced across pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical systems, robotics
  • Full project life cycle experience 
  • PLC and HMI programming knowledge

3 Greatest professional achievements:

  1. Design, planning and installation of an IRB 6600 Robot and track with chemical system within 5 days. Meticulous planning allowed for a 5-day installation window to be achieved.

  2. Implementation of multiple systems of standardisation within factories. These standardisation systems allowed for reduction in stock held, training reduction and faster adaptation when needed.

  3. Electrical and software design of multiple bespoke weighing devices including dynamic checkweighers and multihead weighers.

3 most important things about next move:

  1. Challenging work

  2. A culture of wanting to improve systems

  3. Hybrid working for software roles