Mechanical Design Engineer/Manager

Mechanical Design Engineer/Manager
West Yorkshire
Mechanical Design
3 Months

An outstanding engineer, who is capable of working to an exceptional standard under pressure. He's able to interact with people at all levels of the business, and is considered a supportive and motivational leader with great technical skills and tonnes of experience.

Why are they a good candidate?

  • Tend to be able to come up with solutions that no one has thought of before
  • Has led projects and had success within these
  • Worked in many industries eg. Medical, automotive, structural and food
  • Has good experience using Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, and ProE
  • Designed in all Sectors, Project & People Management, New Product Development / Introduction

3 Greatest professional achievements:

  1. Designed racing car from concept to design eg. Gear box / break system etc
  2. Designed for Stadium Construction

  3. Has managed projects from full cradle to grave all over the globe

3 most important things about next move:

  1. Company understand family values and work-life balance

  2. Progression plan available – both in role and in the companies plans 

  3. Salary