Senior Production Manager

Senior Production Manager
Production / CI
3 month notice period (Negotiable)

Management experience gained in a challenging environment with a variety of customers from automotive to hazardous area oil & gas, to chemical processing in developing markets. Design, Procurement, Production Engineering, Quality, Production management, Operations and Sales experience with high tech electro-mechanical value added products.

Why are they a good candidate?

  • 20+ years of high tech electronics design, manufacturing and procurement experience
  • Six Sigma Blackbelt
  • MEng Hons – Engineering, Manufacture & Management
  • MBA
  • 20+ years of cost reduction initiatives throughout a business
  • 20+ years leading cultural change programs 

3 greatest professional achievements:

  1. Supported significant growth of two businesses.  One with a turnover of 5M, 12% material cost reduction, >10% productivity improvement year on year. Increase turnover from 5M to 10M in another business, with an increase from 10 to 100k products being produced per annum.

  2. Introduction of lean order to cash cycle, with successful implementation of new ERP system (the pilot implementation for this company globally).

  3. Led a journey from totally manual processes to semi-automation.  Introduced a product sub-assembly and test tracking system for the whole of production, with priority and workflow screens for all operators.

3 most important things about next move:

  1. Quality of personnel, their drive to achieve and develop the business.

  2. A business that understands profitability, has products with good potential, and has the drive to develop further.

  3. Potential for further developing my career.