Continuous Improvement Engineer

Continuous Improvement Engineer
West Yorkshire
Production / CI
3 month notice period

CI professional with key experience in management, process and data, manufacturing, and project management. Autonomous and driver of lean practices and principles. Composed in leadership roles with the ability to work with cross functional individuals and teams.

Why are they a good candidate?

  • Able to smoothly deliver solutions with the outlook of providing what’s best for both operators and shareholders
  • Project Management experience
  • Change facilitator
  • Comfortable with a wide variety of projects from process improvement, total system implementation, to large capital expenditure projects

3 greatest professional achievements:

  1. Minimised, if not eliminated the need for outsourcing a specific process by bringing it in house. Excess savings of £300k+/year for products for one customer. Additional savings through application for different customer product lines. In charge of design and managing project from concept, to prototype, to delivery. Contractor, R&D, and shareholder facing.

  2. Implementation of a total system for glass manufacturing focus that handles anything from order entry, processing, to delivery. Data capture and reporting was made available, alongside live status report down to individual glass panels. Resulting in reduced lead time, reduced quality issues, reduced downtime, reduced manpower through efficiency gains.

  3. Implement new processes and recipes to laminating line that reduced quality issues, increased output, and reduced manpower. Resulting in savings excess of £80k / year (£500k net profit company).

3 most important things about next move:

  1. Company as a whole and superiors backing CI improvement projects.

  2. Company that looks after teams and individuals.

  3. Being able to work autonomously with the level to exercise decisions without being micro managed