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Hints & Tips

How to get the most out of your CV

  • Keep your intro brief and to the point – nobody wants to read too much jargon at the start of a CV
  • List your key skills underneath the intro – Make sure they’re just your key skills, not too many generic skills that everyone has
  • Career History – In chronological order starting with the most recent at the top
    • Job Title, Company, Time spent there (Do this for roles in the last 5 years any roles before then, just list the title, company and time spent)
      • Duties
      • Achievements
  • Education / Qualifications
  • Personal info
    • Family/Living situation
    • What do you do out of work (Hobbies etc)

Best way to maximise your job search

  • Find 1 Recruiter and stick with them for a period of time - This doesn’t reduce your options, if anything it increases the number!
    • Make contact with 3-5 and select the one that’s gone into the most depth with you
    • Take yourself of the job boards and give them control of your search
    • Build a marketing portfolio and marketing strategy together
  • Do you research on the business before applying
    • Make sure their values are aligned with yours
  • Write an honest cover letter for each role you apply for
    • Sell yourself to the job (Retain complete honesty) and describe why you think you would be the best person for that particular role, giving examples
  • Be selective – don’t just settle for the first offer that comes along. If it doesn’t feel perfect, there’s normally a reason for that
How to maximise your time in an Interview
  • First of all, your mindset needs to be that this is a 2-way process! Yes, you need to interview well to get the job, but the Manager needs to sell the company to you.
  • Research, Research, Research!!!
    • Not too much so that you don’t need to ask any questions, but enough so that you know the business, customers, values etc.
  • Arrive on time & dress appropriately
    • Find out how they’d like you to present yourself at interview
      • Don’t turn up in a 3-piece suit with bells on if they’re in jeans and a polo for example.
  • Expand on answers, but don’t talk too much
    • STAR is great, especially for situational questions
    • Confirm understanding of questions
    • Some examples
      • What does the interviewer like about working there?
      • What will be your biggest challenge if you get the job?
      • Anything to expand upon to convince them you’re right for the role?