Top 9 Things Job Seekers Want in Their Next Career Move

As an employer, it's important to understand what job seekers are looking for in their next career move. We have been asking candidates for the last 18 months why they are looking to move positions and what is most important to them for their next role. Here are the top 9 responses in order of importance:


  1. Team/Company Culture

A positive and supportive team/company culture can make a huge difference in the productivity and happiness of your employees. Ensure that your company values collaboration, open communication, and a healthy work-life balance.


  1. Transparent Progression Plan

Offering a clear path for career progression and advancement can be a big motivator for employees. Make sure that your company has a transparent promotion process and offers opportunities for growth.


  1. Desire to find a more challenging position

Many job seekers are motivated by new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. Ensure that your company offers varied and interesting work that will stretch your employees' skills and abilities.


  1. Interesting work / Variety in days

Providing a variety of tasks and projects can help keep your employees engaged and prevent burnout. Ensure that your company offers a range of work to keep things interesting and challenging.


  1. Training and development opportunities

Continuous learning and development are essential for keeping your employees relevant and advancing their careers. Offer training programs and opportunities for professional development to help your employees stay ahead of the curve.


  1. Salary / Package / Benefits

Compensation is an important factor in attracting and retaining top talent. Offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, and other perks like flexible working arrangements.


  1. Stability

Job security is important for peace of mind and financial stability for your employees. Ensure that your company has a stable financial history and a strong track record of retaining employees.


  1. Location

Location can be a key factor in attracting and retaining talent. Consider factors like commute time, cost of living, and opportunities for leisure activities when evaluating potential job locations.


  1. Evidence of people staying with the business

Finally, it's important to consider the turnover rate of your company. Having evidence of employees staying with the business for extended periods of time is a good indication of a positive work culture and career advancement opportunities.


In conclusion, by offering the things that job seekers want in their next career move, you can attract and retain top talent. Focusing on team/company culture, transparent career progression plans, interesting work, training and development opportunities, competitive compensation, job security, location, and a positive work culture will help you build a talented and committed workforce.

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