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Hints & Tips

How to get the most out of your job adverts
  • Be concise and keep it to the point
    • Not full of irrelevant jargon
  • Explain where the role fits and who it reports to
  • Describe your essentials and desirables
  • Find 1 Recruiter to help pick it apart and lift out the key selling points
    • Use advert writing service
How to get the best talent attracted to your business
  • Before you post anything; think about your ideal candidate…
    • Why are they going to be interested in your role?
    • Do you know anyone already?
    • Get a referral scheme in-house (Your star performers might know other star performers)
  • Use 1 agency
      • You won’t receive any duplicated candidates
      • The Candidates experience will be more thorough
      • They’ll know where your audience is most likely to be
      • Recruiters are more likely to prioritise your roles if they’re exclusive
  • Have a scorecard in place for any applicants
    • Info from CV, Video Interview, Recruiter notes, Cover letter etc.
How to maximise your time in an interview
  • It’s not Dragons Den. It's a two-way process and you need to sell your business as much as they need to sell themselves.
  • Have a clear process for each stage and have good reasons why that process is the way it is
  • Involve more than 1 person
  • Be open and honest throughout – there’s no point overselling, it’ll just mean you’d be re-hiring the same position when they find out
  • Don’t offer in person during an interview
  • Have a scorecard for each interview
    • Pre-set questions, answers & values/competency to measure against