How to create a real Consultative partnership – The Optima Way.

“We’ll create a marketing portfolio together so that we can help you to differentiate yourself” …

…Probably not the kind of close you’re used to hearing from a Consultant.

You’ll hear it from our Consultants here though, but what do we mean by it?

Well, we’ll create a one page skills profile for you, set up a one-way video introduction to get your personality across, replace 1st stage interviews with video interviews we set up for you using Optimedia and your very own spot on our website.

1) Skills Profile

This is an anonymous profile that will leave the reader in no-doubt as to what you bring to a business and why you would improve their team.

It’s a one-page profile that will have some of your key achievements and skills on it. We’ll go through it together and you’ll be asked on your first call what you feel your 3 best professional achievements are. Our conversations will be in-depth so we’ll discuss what you think your strengths are and what you have brought to businesses in the past and what you can bring in the future. 

After the call though, we’ll send through a form for you to fill in, in-case there’s things you forgot about on the phone with us. There’s always something!

2) One-way video intro

Prior to the lockdown, this may have made palms sweaty, knees weak, arms... Stop it Ryan.

But since Zoom family quizzes and Teams conferences became a thing, everyone is used to being on a webcam now and seeing themselves on their laptop screen. 

So why not use that to your advantage?

We know it can be almost impossible to get your personality across on a CV or a Skills profile and nerves can stop personalities coming across in formal interviews. So, this is our unique way of getting that across to clients before they’ve met you!

Using our Optimedia platform, we’ll send you some demo versions to show you what we’re looking for from you and when you get to the time of recording you’ll see some pre-set questions (Picked by our team) and the stage is then yours.

We’ve had some great feedback on this and it’s definitely a differentiator.

3) Website Profile

Yes, you get your own page on our website…

It’ll be anonymous, but Managers can choose to contact your Consultant on the page and discuss. They can also set up profile alerts, so if your profile is within the parameters they set – it’ll fly straight into their inbox, pretty cool eh?

On your page it’ll have the answers to 

• Why are you a good candidate?
• 3 greatest achievements?
• 3 most important things about your next move?

Again, these were picked by us and we feel it’ll give a real insight into you.

Consultants will then share your page onto their LinkedIn (Everyone has 1,000’s of connections so imagine the reach!) and our business page on LinkedIn will share a weekly update of the profiles on there.

Check them out for yourself, go to https://www.optima-cs.com/cm/employers/candidate-profile-search

4) Video Interviews

To try and speed up processes for Managers (And you!), we sell a video interview to our clients.

This will be made of pre-set questions decided upon by each consultant and the Hiring Manager and will be a chance for you to answer those using our Optimedia platform, which you’ll already be used to using by now!

Why do we do this?

We know it can take a while to arrange interviews and to find mutual free time, so this can be done at any time during the day and sent pretty much immediately after, ready for them to just for 10/15 minutes in front of their computer watching the interview.

Now, how do we decide where your profile goes?

We’ll discuss some of the businesses you’ve heard good things about or always wanted to work for. 

You can be confident that our conversations will be so detailed that we’ll be able to match the right business with you and will be able to create a list of businesses that we know would pique an interest with you and so will be able to introduce you to them in this unique way.

This requires quite a bit of commitment from both parties, but the relationship will enable us to find the right opportunities for you.

For more information on this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0161 250 5326.
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