Lockdown with JLEE

I’ve always been a fan of working from home, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve always seemed to be more productive when there’s a lack of the usual distractions and football talk.

But this week marks 6 months working at home, without stepping foot into the office.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to get back into the office a little more, but with high-risk family members, I’m playing it safer than most.

So, what’s it been like?

I work at home a lot of the time anyway, so the biggest challenge initially was working at home with the girlfriend, trying not to get under each other’s feet and annoy each other – it took one day before we decided that working in the same room wasn’t the best idea and her choice of radio station was shocking.

I did post a couple of tongue-in-cheek LinkedIn posts about it, didn’t go down well mind.
• Day 2: “When you’ve written that advert, can you fix the washing machine?”
• Day 30: She still hadn’t got the grasp of the brew rota…
• Day 80: Found out she didn’t care about my fantasy football team.

You get the picture.

Another thing that most probably found quite difficult, was switching off from work mode, especially when you’re working in the same place that you have your tea. In the early days it usually meant turning the laptop off, grabbing a beer and watching Tiger King.

The only thing that helped with this, was having a structured day plan in place and checking off tasks that’d been completed. Knowing you’ve done what you needed to that day, definitely helps switch off.

Typically, only I’d start a recruitment business a couple of months before a global pandemic, which gave its own challenges – most of which will be fairly obvious and common-place across the industry, but did give me a kick up the arse that I actually had to go out and do some deals.

Then, as you do, mid-way through lockdown – you welcome an 8-week old puppy into the household – Keith (I name pets, she’ll name kids in the future – seemed a fair deal as I probably wouldn’t have had final say in the latter anyway).

Nobody really prepares you for how mentally tiring it is watching a puppy, especially when you’re working at the same time. But it did help with the day plan, having structure and using his evening walk to turn off from work.

It only took a week before I had to apologise to a hiring manager about Keith snoring too loud in the background on a Zoom call.

Anyway, as much as a lot of lockdown has been nice, slowing down, realising what matters to you etc, it was nice to see some normality starting to creep in across the UK about 2 months ago, when the pubs opened and people started to get back into office etc.

Fingers crossed those who’ve not been fortunate enough to keep their jobs can find something soon, we’ve definitely seen a huge increase in demand for skills, it’s not back to what it was just yet, but the signs are encouraging.

I thought I’d moan a lot during this, quite surprised at myself.
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